Best way to explain different programming languages with sample source code

Whats the best way to explain
different types of programming languages?

Here’s a short animated video clip that
explains the differences between PHP,Python,Java,Ruby
and .NET framework.

Additional Information

1. PHP – is a server side scripting language
designed for web development, it can also be used
as a general purpose programming language
where it can be simply mixed with a mark up language
like HTML. Over 240 million websites have used this
kind of scripting language as of January 2013.

Here’s a sample source code using PHP:

Electronic Learning System PHP MySql Source Code

2.C# – is a multi-paradigm programming language
encompassing imperative,functional,generic and
class based programming disciplines. C# is one
of the programming languafes designed for the
common language infrastructure.
Here’s a sample source code using C#

Text to speech c# source code

3.Java – is a multi platform programming language
that is class-based,concurrent, and object oriented.
It is specifically designed to have as few implementation
dependencies as possible.

JTextArea Component in Java GUI Source Code
4. Python – is a general-purpose high level programming language.
It allows programmers to express concepts in fewer lines of code.
It supports multiple programming paradigms including object oriented
and functional programming styles.
5.Ruby on rails – it is an open source web framework, it is a full-stack
framework that emphasizes the use of software paradigms. It lets the programmers
write beatiful code by favoring convention over configuration.




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