Online Car Wash booking system PHP MySql Source Code

Online Car wash booking system is web based application that allows the user to book online. Online car wash booking system is made using PHP as the scripting language and MySql as the database. Online car [...]

Write less, do more; an Introduction to jQuery Mobile Framework

  Here is the part 1 of the tutorial of one of the famous mobile web framework that allows you to create responsive website that will run on the different kinds of platform.

Building Android app using HTML5/CSS/Javascript

Here is the way on how to create android app using web programming.

Product Monitoring PHP MySql Source Code

Product Monitoring is a web based application that features the following: 1. The administrator can post reminders and notes. 2. The admin can also add records in the receiving page. 3. This system can also export [...]

Rating System PHP MySql Source Code

Rating System using PHP,MySql and JQuery is web based application where the user can rate anything that is available on the page. Instructions: 1. Download the source code. 2. Extract the compressed folder. 3. Run the [...]