Image Upload PHP MySql Source Code

This is a simple demonstration on how
to upload image using php and mysql.
Image upload using php mysql
also features the restrictions and
the location of the image file that
has been uploaded.

Here are the video clips that shows the step by step method on how to upload image using PHP MySql

Here is the source code of image upload PHP MySql Source Code

1. Download the source code.
2. Extract the compressed folder.
3. Run the xampp control panel and start the apache and mysql
4. Open the folder that has been extracted
5. Put the folder in htdocs
6. Open the browser and enter localhost/phpmyadmin
7. Import the database name photoupload
8. Run the program by entering localhost/uploadphotos


This is just a simple program any updates or constructive criticism will be

Enjoy and make it as your guide.

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