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Live Server Time Clock PHP Javascript Source Code

Live server time clock using PHP and Javascript is a real time application that will show the user date and time. The format of this live server time is m/d/y h:i:s AM/PM. Instructions: 1. Download the [...]

Insurance Card PHP MySql Source Code

Insurance Card using PHP is a web based application that aims to help the customers to get insurance card easily. This insurance card is valid for one year only. The user needs to register in order [...]

Converting Timestamp to Time Ago PHP MySql Source Code

Converting Timestamp to Time Ago is a simple web based application using PHP. Timestamp are usually seen on social networking sites like facebook and twitter. It allows us to determine what time have we logged in [...]

Parcel Delivery System PHP MySql Source Code

Parcel delivery system using PHP MySql is a kind of web based program that mainly captures the parcel to delivered to every clients using emails. Parcel delivery system login information: For manager section: username - manager [...]

Image Upload PHP MySql Source Code

This is a simple demonstration on how to upload image using php and mysql. Image upload using php mysql also features the restrictions and the location of the image file that has been uploaded. Here are [...]

Login with md5 password encryption PHP MySql Source Code

  This is a simple program that lets you create a login page with md5 password encryption. md5 is a widely used cryptographic hash function that produce 128-bit hash value. Instructions: 1. Download the source code. [...]

Social Networking Site Script Review with PHP MySql Source Code

Social networking sites is undeniably one of the most visited sites on the internet right now, and one of the famous social networking site is Facebook. Building a social networking site like facebook is not an [...]

Barcode Validation PHP MySql Source Code

Barcode Validation was made using several scripts and languages like PHP and MySql. Barcode validation is a program that allows user to check the barcode of an item if it is present on the database, it [...]

Displaying Popular views for the day PHP MySql Source Code

This project will teach you how to display most popular views for the day using PHP MySql. This project also allows the user to rate an article that have been posted. It does not only display [...]

Diary Management System PHP MySql Source Code

Diary management system is an online management system using PHP MySql. The users of diary management system can add,edit,delete events and contacts. Instructions: 1. Download the source code. 2. Extract the compressed folder. 3. Run the [...]