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Othello Board Game Java Source Code

Othello also known as Reversi and often referred to as a game of abstract strategy.Othello is made up of 8 rows and 8 columns and usually played by two players. This source code will show the [...]

Tron Video Game Java Source Code

Tron is a famous coin operated arcade video game that was distributed in the market in 1982,it was manufactured by bally midway. This application will show the user how tron was made using Java GUI grid. [...]

Tetris Game Java Source Code

Tetris game will let the user experience the basics of this famous game. It lets you rotate the blocks with the up key and move with the right key and it also tells the user how [...]

Laser Game Java Source Code

Laser game is one of the basic game in a break game back then. It aims to get 4 blocks of the same color touch each other side by side. Requirements: 1. Java Source code compiler. [...]

Hospital Management System JAVA GUI Source Code

Hospital Management System will let you experience the Java GUI. It does not involve any database,this is just a simple representation of how you ca use the different forms and components of Java Graphical User Interface. [...]

Time Deposit Solver Java Source Code

This is a simple program that will compute for the time deposit interest by the user. The user needs to enter the amount to be deposited and the yearly interest rate, after which, the program will [...]

Robocop 2014 featured Java Programming in one of its Scene

  Robocop 2014 is an American sci-fi movie, it is a remake of the 1987 of the same name and reboot of the RoboCop franchise. The main character was played by Joel Kinnaman, and other film [...]

Music Store Application Java Source Code

Music Store Application is a simple program made in java wherein the music titles are being stored in a text file base on their specific category. It also have a shopping cart for reservation and payment [...]

Password Generator Java Source Code

This is a simple program that generates and translates any password into alphanumeric words. This application does not use any algorithm or enryption process. Requirements: 1. Java Source code compiler. 2. Java Development Kit 7u5 windows [...]

Simple Amortization Program Using Scanner Java Source Code

This is a simple program that will compute the monthly and yearly amortization. It lets the user input the principal amount, the number of months to pay,next is the monthly interest, and then the program will [...]