Puzzle Game HTML5 Source Code


Puzzle Game HTML5 Source Code is a puzzle game with minimalist graphics, easy and addictive. Be a part of the numbers and get to the 2048 tile! Smallest size app for 2048! When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one. I might argue most puzzle games are intrinsically educational. Difficult ones can train persistence if the solution requires centered thought. Many additionally require thinking ahead and visualizing the longer term to come to a solution (just like Chess). Puzzle Game Benefits Problem-Solving Productive Experts Puzzles are stuffed with obstacles to beat, and alternatives to give you a [...]

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Accounts Management System


Accounting Management is knowledgeable enterprise research of Accounts and management through which we are taught the significance of accounts in our management system. In management study, we are taught the fundamentals of management and in accounts management, we are taught in accounting administration system. Accounts Management System is to handle billing, transactions with inventory items, services items and transaction for purchasers with reviews on stock objects, every shopper, companies merchandise and general debt, credit score reviews. The system can be utilized in any trade like Cotton Ginners, Goods Traders, small manufacturing trade. Database dbaccountmanagement Login username: admin password: admin123 Accounts Management [...]

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Diagonal Slider jQuery Source Code


Diagonal Slider jQuery Source Code is easy animated slider effect formed with jQuery to create diagonally sliding contents or picture gallery. Diagonal Slider jQuery Source Code Features Helpful to create a content material sliding internet web page/web site that slides diagonally. Slide the picture parts out and in of view, by a mouse click on. One of many spectacular jquery picture slider with a diagonal transition impact. Create superior picture galleries with diagonal scrolling impact. It really works on nearly all fashionable browsers besides IE variations. Diagonal Slider jQuery Source Code Screenshot Diagonal Slide jQuery Source Code Download Diagonal Slider [...]

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Progress Bar jQuery CSS Source Code


Progress Bar jQuery CSS Source Code is an easy progress bar utilizing jQuery and CSS. Progress Bar jQuery CSS Source Code is used to show actual time progress of a course of you should utilize progress bar in something for file importing, form submission process and many others. Progress Bar jQuery CSS Source Code Screenshot Progress Bar jQuery CSS Source Code Download Progress Bar jQuery CSS Source Code  

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Mobile Table jQuery Source Code


Mobile Table jQuery Source Code is jquery plugin on your web site which can convert your tables into mobile format. Your normal tables gained’t look good in mobile browsers, so Mobile Table jQuery Source Code is excellent for customers. It should convert your table width to max width of your browser window. Mobile Table jQuery Source Code have 2 choices to make use of. You may allow overflow so table shall be in particular container and on mobile it is possible for you to to swipe. Next choice is to transform table into 2 column desk, so that you don’t need to [...]

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Mobile Drawer Style Menu Bootstrap Source Code


Bootstrap is the most well-liked HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for creating responsive, mobile first tasks on the internet. Bootstrap makes front-end web growth quicker and simpler. It is made for folk of all talent ranges, gadgets of all shapes, and tasks of all sizes. Mobile Drawer Style Menu are these little three-bar icons you see within the nook of many web sites and mobile apps. These primarily set off a sliding drawer navigation which incorporates hyperlinks to pages throughout the web site. Sliding drawer nav menus are great for responsive design however they may also be tough to implement. Mobile [...]

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Thumbnail Skimmer jQuery Source Code


This program will teach you on how to create a thumbnail skimmer using jQuery plugins. Thumbnail skimmer allows the user to browse the gallery on the web quickly without switching pages. The plugin is made to preview galleries on website that you are creating, it can also be used on the e-commerce and blog websites. Instructions: 1. Download the source code. 2. Extract the compressed folder. 3. Open the index.html in any browser Note: This is just a simple program any updates or constructive criticism will be accepted. Download Link: Thumbnail Skimmer jQuery Source Code

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