An Online Bulletin Management System in PHP Source Code is a place where people can leave any type of messages and notifications, for example, to advertise things, announce events, or provide any information.

Online Bulletin Board can be placed on digital devices such as computers, tabs, mobile phones, etc.

The main aim of this Online Bulletin Board System is to make information dissemination much easier in a paperless community as the world tends to interact with the online notice board facility as a project.

Online Bulletin Board System

Online Bulletin Board

Online Bulletin Board System PHP Source Code Features

  • Admin
  • Admin is the one who controls, screens, and retains the entire observation of the system. The principal features of the Admin space:
    • To maintain and observe the whole variety of customers within the system.
    • Can add, activate, and deactivate any consumer.
    • Add New Notice and send notice to Registered users
    • Show Previous Notice and Manage Previous notice
    • Update Password
  • Student
  • A student is an information seeker, or more theoretically word, a learner. The student has to be registered and login into the system before he/she carries out their functions.
    • Student Registration
    • Login
    • Check Notification despatched by admin
    • Update Profile
    • Update Password
    • Log out the entire system

Online Bulletin Board System PHP Source Code

Online Bulletin Board System Database