Pharmacy Management System PHP MySQL Source Code


Pharmacy Management System PHP MySQL Source Code is the very best pharmacy software program. Pharmacy Management System is an unmatched service acceleration and collaboration device that harnesses the ability of the web to drive the success of pharmaceutical merchants. Pharmacy Management System PHP MySQL Source Code Features The revolutionary, web-based resolution Multi-user and multi-location resolution - accessible anytime, anyplace Superior networking capabilities allow: Online ordering by Practitioners and end-customers Receiving inward invoices from suppliers One-click inward bill processing from suppliers - no want for particular person merchandise entry Centralized management of your chain - entry any of your branches from any [...]

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EREC Pharmacy Management System


Today's pharmacists must be reinforced by powerful, user-friendly drugstore control techniques that can get around the reasons of dispensing, inventory management, and point-of-sale features. EREC Pharmacy Management System allows your pharmacy to process, track, and distribute all medications with the highest level of security, precision, and performance. EREC Pharmacy Management System can integrate automatic stuffing, bar code motivated work-flow, IVR, stock control, pos, and business control. EREC Pharmacy Management System Module: Sales Products Customers Suppliers Sales Report EREC Pharmacy Management System Screenshot: Login               Dashboard           [...]

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