Digital News Portal Website In PHP with Source Code is a self-contained, reusable, and refreshable model of a traditional newspaper that acquires and holds info electronically.

Digital Newspaper is the online model of a newspaper, both as a stand-alone publication or as the online model of a printed periodical.

Digital News Portal Website

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Digital News Portal Website In PHP with Source Code Features


1. Register as user and login

2. Digital newspaper by class: news, details, date, and journalist title

a. Social News

b. Political

c. Financial

d. Educational

e. Sports activities

f. International

The news in a different language English, Members can remark under the articles show their name, date, and time.

Members also can download the news in a pdf format.

3. Flip Newspaper you should utilize (Javascript for it) you possibly can put pictures that flip and I’ll modify the images folder. You’ll be able to copy someplace if it’s not doable to make

4. Search Article by title category, date, and search any question.

5. Gallery: add totally different videos and show side by side.

6. Upload Videos: members can watch it.

7. Archives. The admin can save all news to the archive.

Admin panel

1. The admin just needs to have login entry.

2. The admin panel.

a. Upload features (with textbox and button)

b. Upload news, along with photos. Replace news, photos, Delete news and images

3. Upload flip newspaper if potential.

4. Upload photos for the gallery by dates with a hyperlink to enlarge and Delete button.

5. Upload videos (with textbox and button) and if can download you see.

6. Delete members The news we’ll add it, simply give us the format and functionalities.


Digital News Portal Website In PHP with Source Code

Digital News Portal Website In PHP Database