Hotel Reservation Visual Basic Source Codes can help to provide a convenient way of entering customer’s data without any delay.  It can have a more secure and private records or files from customers.

Hotel Reservation Visual Basic Source Codes feature:

  • Encoding of User and their Rights. Allows development of user and management account to ensure the security of the program.
  • Encoding of Customer’s Details. The program allows the Customer’ information that is secured.
  • Generate Payments. The program instantly produces a customer’s bill from previous transactions.
  • Generate Billing. The program up-dates the earnings of the place and records instantly the result of the dealings created.
  • Confirms and terminate the booking. The program will agree to inbound booking demands personally or through telephone and will terminate demands if the customer informs to do so.
  • Settings for the cost of exceeding persons. The program provides configurations for including cost for exceed person and will instantly upgrade the changes created.

Download Hotel Reservation Visual Basic Source Codes