This is a jQuery image gallery featuring a horizontal thumbnail layout and multiple image transitions. The sliding thumbnails and buttons allow for easy navigation of your images. The gallery is also re-sizable and fully configurable through the plugin’s parameters and stylesheet.


Multiple image transitions available. Can also set a different transition per image.
Able to turn auto image rotation on/off with configurable time delay. Rotation is paused when mouse is over gallery.
Changeable number of thumbnails visible per scroll.
Image and thumbnails’ container size are re-sizable.
Mouse over main image to access directional buttons for navigating previous/next image.
Directional and index buttons allow for navigating thumbnails.
Editable captions available for each thumbnail.
Links are assignable for each image.
Different text descriptions are assignable for each image.
Text description and captions can be aligned top or bottom.
This is just a simple program any updates or constructive criticism will be accepted.

Download link

Image Gallery jQuery Source Code