A line graph also referred to as a line chart, is a kind of chart used to visualize the worth of one thing over time. For instance, a finance division could plot the change in the amount of money the corporate has readily available over time.

The line graph consists of a horizontal x-axis and a vertical y-axis. Most line graphs solely cope with constructive quantity values, so these axes usually intersect close to the underside of the y-axis and the left finish of the x-axis. The purpose at which the axes intersect is all the time (zero, zero). Every axis is labeled with an information sort. For instance, the x-axis might be days, weeks, quarters, or years, whereas the y-axis reveals income in.

Information factors are plotted and related by a line in a “dot-to-dot” style.

The x-axis can be known as the impartial axis as a result of its values don’t rely on something. For instance, time is all the time positioned on the x-axis because it continues to maneuver ahead no matter the rest. The y-axis can be known as the dependent axis as a result of its values relies on these of the x-axis: presently, the corporate had this much cash. The result’s that the road of the graph all the time progresses in a horizontal style and every x worth solely has one y worth (the corporate can’t have two quantities of cash on the similar time).

A couple of lines could also be plotted on the identical axis as a type of comparability. For instance, you possibly can create a line graph evaluating the amount of cash held by every department workplace with a separate line for every workplace. In this case, every line would have a special shade, recognized in a legend.

The road graph is a strong visible software for advertising, finance, and different areas. It’s also helpful in laboratory analysis, climate monitoring, or another operation involving a correlation between two numerical values. If two or extra traces are on the chart, it may be used as a comparability between them.

Line Graphs jQuery Source Code Screenshot

Line Graphs jQuery Source Code

Line Graphs jQuery Source Code

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