PDO Crud PHP MySQL Source Code is an acronym describing four operations of information storage: Create, Read, Update, Delete. CRUD generator is an instrument that builds the user interface to carry out these operations in your information. It often takes under consideration the kind of fields and the connection between situations.

PDO Crud PHP MySQL Source Code

PDO Crud PHP MySQL Source Code

For instance, you’ve got MySQL database with two tables: Banana (banana_id, size, plantation_id) and Plantation (plantation_id, title, location). The generator can create an interface for Banana consists of two widgets: numeric spinner for size and combo-box for selecting banana’s plantation. Plantation web page will comprise an enter for getting into its title and map widget to specify coordinates. It may well conceal the ID discipline as a result of they’re for inside use solely. Each page could have buttons for creating new objects, updating them and deleting.

The generator may create a page with a list of all objects of the sort permitting to look, kind and group them, displaying some fields and hiding one other, based on its configuration.

PDO Crud PHP MySQL Source Code generator:

  • Receives structure of the database or discovers it.
  • Receives configuration describing what varieties/fields to indicate, easy methods to present them.
  • Generates UI based on a mapping between information varieties and widgets (spinner for integer discipline, for instance).
  • Permits modifying information storage utilizing this UI.

PDO Crud is a sophisticated PHP based mostly CRUD utility. It helps Mysql, Pgsql and SQLite database. You should utilize PDOCrud to generate each frontend and backend of your utility. By writing simply 2-Three strains of code solely, you’ll be able to carry out insert/replace/delete and choose the operation. You simply to wish to create an object and name for render perform for that desk and every part will probably be generated routinely. Type fields will probably be generated based mostly on the info sort. You possibly can take away fields, change the kind of fields and might do numerous sorts of customization.

Installation instruction
1. Copy script folder in your application
2. Open script/config/config.php file
3. Enter URL till script folder e.g. http://yourdomain.com/path-till-script-folder/
4. Enter database settings (hostname, dbname, username and pwd etc)
5. In your application, include the following file
require_once script/ pdocrud.php;
6. Now you can create an object of a pdocrud class and run various function to generate crud table.

Download PDO Crud PHP MySQL Source Code

PDO Crud PHP MySQL Source Code