A pie chart is a circular chart divided into wedge-like sectors, illustrating proportion. Every wedge represents a proportionate a part of the entire, and the overall worth of the pie is at all times 100 p.c.

Pie charts could make the scale of parts straightforward to grasp at a look. They’re extensively utilized in enterprise displays and schooling to point out the proportions amongst a big number of classes together with bills, segments of a population, or solutions to a survey.

A pie graph (or pie chart) is a specialized graph utilized in statistics. The unbiased variable is plotted around a circle in both a clockwise path or a counterclockwise path.The dependent variable (normally a proportion) is rendered as an arc whose measure is proportional to the magnitude of the amount.Every arc is depicted by developing radial traces from its ends to the middle of the circle, making a wedge-shaped “slice.”The unbiased variable can attain a finite variety of discrete values (for instance, 5).The dependent variable can attain any worth from zero to 100 p.c.

The illustration is a pie graph depicting the outcomes of a remaining examination given to a hypothetical class of scholars.Every grade is denoted by a “slice.”The overall of the chances is the same as 100 (that is essential; if it weren’t, the accuracy of the graph could be suspect).The overall of the arc measures is the same as 360 levels.

Pie Chart jQuery Source Code Screenshot

Pie Chart jQuery Source Code

Pie Chart jQuery Source Code

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