Java Web Application Source Code


Java Web Application Source Code can be designed using a two-tier architecture, in which a client communicates directly with a server. In this tutorial, a Java web application communicates directly with a MySQL database using the Java Database Connectivity API. Essentially, it is the MySQL Connector/JDBC Driver that enables communication between the Java code understood by the application server (the GlassFish server), and any content in SQL, the language understood by the database server (MySQL). Requirements: 1. Java Source code compiler. 2. Java Development Kit 7 or 8 and up 3. Mysql database server 5.x 4. MySQL Connector/J JDBC Driver version 5.x [...]

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Color Picker jQuery Source Code


Color Picker jQuery Source Code means that you can simply and easy to show a color picker in your web site. Color Picker jQuery Source Code can easily just copy and paste the one liner code, or get into some extra of the detailed configuration. Color Picker jQuery Source Code Features Substitute all colors by your personal favorite shade Customized colors append to Colors checklist Insert HEX color code immediately Customizing to make use of data-* attributes External JSON supported Fullscreen mode Mobile friendly Picker window Alignment Color Picker jQuery Source Code Installation Merely include the each the jQuery, jQuery Color [...]

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