Electronic Shopping Management System in PHP with Supply Code is a major activity for an organization to achieve its objectives of sustaining an appropriate level of inventory and minimizing waste. PHP has been employed as an improvement language and MySQL as a backend database with CSS applied for the interface.

One way of managing inventory is to have a web-based system in place that can immediately track and update the information about the products. The significance of implementing a web-based inventory system is becoming very important as most of the time the information are accessible immediately, thereby making the details of the usage of the tools available, and enhancing the movement and anticipation of their demand as well as the productivity of the system as a whole.

Electronic Shopping Management System


Electronic Shopping Management System in PHP with Supply Code Features

Admin Features

  • Home
    On the Homepage, it is possible for you to see the entire operation of the system. That features customers, staff, clients, suppliers, merchandise, supply, transaction, historical past, and reviews.
  • Customers
    Admin can add, replace, and Block Customers within the system.
  • Staff
    The admin can handle all the employee’s info.
  • Clients
    The admin can see all the details about the shoppers who purchase their merchandise,
  • Supplier
    The admin can see the knowledge of all suppliers for his or her merchandise.
  • Merchandise
    The admin has entry to the product management information system. He can add, edit, and update the menu.
  • Delivery
    The admin can cancel and confirmed the delivery and can view all the customer’s purchase merchandise.
  • Transaction
    The admin can see all of the transactions of all clients.
  • Login Logout
    By default one of many security measures of this technique is the safe login and logout system. The login and logout system of this stock administration system supply code in PHP makes use of a session. It signifies that the person can solely log in without delay on the identical browser.

Front-end Features

  • Home – A home page is a webpage that serves as the starting point of the website. It is the default webpage that loads when you visit a web address. On the home page, you can see directly the list of products for sale, cart, and list of orders.
  • Cart – is a piece of software that keeps the record of the items a buyer has ‘picked up’ from the online store.
  • List of Orders – in the list of the order you will be able to see all the purchase of the customers.

Electronic Shopping Management System in PHP with Source Code

Electronic Shopping Management System Database