Notepad Application Java Source Code


This is a simple application that will teach you on how to create a notepad application using java programming language. Just like an ordinary notepad the user can save and edit text file. Requirements: 1. Java Source code compiler. 2. Java Development Kit 7u5 windows i586 and up Instructions: 1. Download the source code. 2. Extract the compressed folder. 4. Open the folder that has been extracted 5. Build and compile the program with the compiler that you are using Download link: Notepad Application Java Source Code

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Notepad Application C# Source Code


This is a simple notepad text editor application made in C# programming language. This notepad features the basic parts of a text editor and it also allows you to find and replace text within the content. To be able to run this application, you need to have Microsoft Visual C# 2010 express which is one of the features of Visual Studio and the IDE of C# programming language. Note: This is just a simple program any updates or constructive criticism will be accepted credits:A7medGeek Notepad Application C# Source Code Notepad Application C# Source Code Download link:

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