Laundry System PHP Source Code will allow what you are promoting to finest manage the inventory, automatically monitor laundry activity by a customer, and facilitate sorting by the client, and sorting of uniforms by customer employees. The system precisely data laundry activity and provides billing experiences by a buyer, and buyer departments.

Laundry System PHP Source Code eliminates many labour-intensive guide duties, resembling separating and hand-counting uniforms and linens coming into the laundry or objects being shipped to the client. The system additionally automates recordkeeping, which eliminates guide errors.

Laundry System PHP Source Code Features

  1. Administrative Side
  2. Add, Edit, View and Delete Laundry
  3. Claim Laundry
  4. Add New Laundry Types
  5. Generate Report
  6. Change Password

Laundry System PHP Source Code Screenshot

Laundry System PHP Source Code

Laundry System PHP Source Code

Database Name:



Username: admin
Password: admin

Download Laundry System PHP Source Code

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