Location Tracker Android Source Code

is for monitoring the motion of your phone or gadget.

Location Tracker Android Source Code

might monitor or track the target phone with a browser all that you must do is to recollect the target phone ID, which might simply be dispatched from the application.
Location Tracker Android Supply Code may very well be place a telephone into your automobile to trace its location. Assist maintain monitor of your children or aged mother and father.

How use Location Tracker Android Supply Code

  • Long click on red marker and drag to vary your geofence are
  • Long click on blue marker and drag to develop or shrink your geofence area
  • Click on show geofence from menubar to see your geofence on map
  • Click on current location from menubar to see your present location
  • Click on set geofence from menubar to save lots of your geofence space
  • Enter cellular in alert goal to ship sms alerts of your space if you’re out of geofence outlined by you
  • Choose frequency to outline time for sms alerts
  • Choose disable alerts to show off sms alerts to alert target number you had set

Download Location Tracker Android Source Code

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